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Home Automation

Home Automation

Home Automation or smart systems is a term you’ve probably been hearing a lot lately. It was a technology reserved for the rich and famous, but now made more affordable by a US based company Control4. Control4 have made it affordable for a much broader audience – and made their products to work and keep working.

So whether you’re renovating, or building there are solutions for you. We have fully automated a 100 year old home in Musgrave, and this was achieved easily and without disruption to the client living in the home. Due to Control4 being predominantly wireless, home automation can easily be added to any home. And the benefits don’t stop there, because the systems are wireless and modular 0 you can start by automating one room in the house, and add a room per month or even year. Grow with the system – we assure you – you will wonder how you lived without it.

Which System is right for you?

With so many different systems out there, it becomes confusing. This is something you need to think long and hard about as the decision you make now will be costly to change later.

There are no terrible systems we can tell you to avoid, but there are systems that can bite you both in usability and price. Try to stay away from “proprietary systems” ie systems that only work with themselves. Lets give you some honest advice on the top 3 systems available in South Africa.

Control4 – a new kid on the block – founded in 2003 has changed the industry in a big way. They took the word home automation away from the statement “when i win the lott0”. They deliver real solutions for real people. The systems are easy to use – which in home automation was not always the case – a smart system could complicate your life further if not implemented correctly. Control4 are the solid foundation we at Audico build our systems on.

Crestron – the largest home automation company in the world, Crestron have the most products available by far for smart systems although most of them are designed for commercial applications. Crestron is a great system – make no mistake – but ONLY if implemented correctly which in itself is a science. Crestron is expensive, so be prepared – and Crestron is complicated – so if your programmer does not know what they are doing – you will end up with a white elephant. Audico have removed Crestron systems by the dozens and replaced with Control4 – because it is easy to install and easy to use – making the overall experience a better one.

Clipsal C-Bus – losing popularity, but the first major contender here in South Africa having their systems in the TV show called The Block many years ago. Clipsal light switches have remained the most elegant in the market with their glass surrounds and DLP labelling – but their cost put it out of reach for most, and unfortunately that is where the system stops. It lacks the ability to truly merge all of your homes electronics into one easy to use system.