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smart systems

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Smart Systems Overview

So what does smart systems – or home automation mean?
It’s a broad term for technology that brings all of your electronics together in one easy to use system. We use Control4 which is a US based company leading the way in affordable smart systems.

What does it do?

It controls everything through a single remote, iPad or Android device – it controls lighting, audio-visual systems, air-conditioning, security, CCTV, motorised curtains or blinds, under-floor heating, garage doors, access control …. and the list goes on and on. To make it easier to understand – lets use a real world example in one of our smart homes. Let’s say a user is in the TV room – they can whip out their smart phone – access the Control4 app – hit watch and say Dstv1. The system will then switch the TV on, switch the amplifier and DStv decoder on, adjust the lights depending on the time of day – close the curtains depending on the weather outside – and the smart phone will then become a DStv remote including channel icons for one touch channel changing. It’s that smart.

Or if you are a creature of habit – lets use another example: You go to sleep and touch bedtime from a Control4 keypad next to your bed. Thes system switches off all un-necessary lights off in the home, arms the security, and switches all AV off that has been left on. You like the temperature cool when you go to sleep, but like it to slowly warm up overnight until you awake – no problem, the Control4 controller takes care of your air-conditioner while you sleep. At 6:00 to 6:15 the bedroom lights slowly start to brighten whilst your eyes adjust, and gentle music from a “wake-up” playlist greets you as you awake. The coffee machine is on already, and the TV in the kitchen has switched to E-News to allow you to catch up with the world around you.